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    Gurukul offers Graduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Research programmes recognised by the Senate of Serampore College. The Bachelor of Divinity (BD) degree course which is of four years duration and also […]


Gurukul is an ecumenical theological community for communicating the liberative Gospel of Jesus Christ by training and empowering the community of God's people towards Peace, Justice and Integrity of God's Creation


Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute is both an academic and applied centre of theology. It conceives theological education as a means of understanding the Gospel in the Indian context. The salient features are the following.

  • To conceive and build a relevant theological education taking into consideration the hope and aspirations and the pain and pathos of the marginalised, especially the women, Dalits and Adivasis & to involve in their social struggles.
  • To evolve a praxis-oriented method of learning, so as to prepare students for pastoral & other Christian ministries.
  • To foster an inclusive community through corporate worship, mutual care and fellowship.
  • To encourage freedom of critical reflection and research through seminars, consultations, workshops, training programs and publications.

The academic year of the College is from June to April every year, where all the Courses – Bachelor of Divinity (4 years), Master of Theology (2 years), Doctor of Theology (3 years) as per Senate regulation are offered at Gurukul as a residential and full-time study. Two types of accommodation are provided – single for men and women and family for M.Th. and D.Th. students

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