Theme: “Sola Scriptura”

What the readers will find in the pages of Gurukul Jyothi 2015 is a collection of inspired and instructive writings on the theme “Sola Scriptura” written by the creative, bold, brave, and the original thinkers and the dreamers of Gurukul community who work hard to live deliberately, but who are not afraid to admit the struggles and challenges we face.

The term sola scriptura is from the Latin language meaning “only Scripture” or “Scripture alone.” Sola Scriputura became popular during the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century as a reaction against some of the practices of the Western Church that focused more on human authority and rituals. It was the Reformers’ way of saying that the Bible contains everything one needs for salvation.

The most important aspect of the reformation led by Martin Luther was to make the Church to return to the roots of God’s word in the bible and that the Scripture should reach every individual. Such a reformative act of People accessing and owing the Scripture initiated lot of Prophetic changes everywhere. The liberative message in the bible and the compassion of Jesus Christ strengthened many communities to challenge oppressive structure and situations. The outcome was very visible as it is in the case of the emergence many contextual theologies. As we are going to commemorate the 500 years of reformation this magazine will be a great contribution from the Gurukul community to celebrate reformation and also to critically evaluate ourselves for transformation. Though this magazine attempts to bring newer perspectives and reflections it also tries to critically analyze the dominance of exploitative practices perpetuated using the legitimization of Scripture.

We are excited to offer our readers meaningful and highly creative content that will leave them feeling refreshed and excited about the scripture.