To reach the National and International world through literature, Rev. Dr. Augustine Jeyakumar, the Executive Secretary of the UELCI has initiated to revive “Gurukul Summer Institute”. The planning committee proposed the theme “Justification by Faith” linking the same with contemporary issues and challenges and decided to plan for same to be held in May 2016.

A two week intensive course / seminar focusing on the New Thrust areas are conducted during summer vacation, with church leaders and development activists participating. This program was initiated in 1992 and the details are:

  • Dalits and Women, 1992
  • Ecology- A Theological Response, 1993
  • Fundamentalism & Secularism: A Christian Response, 1994
  • Prejudice: Issues in Third World Theologies, 1995
  • Frontiers of Dalit Theology, 1996
  • A Theology of Human Development, 1997
  • Feminist Theology: Perspectives and Praxis, 1998
  • New Horizons of Christian Mission: A Theological Exploration, 1999
  • Communication of the Gospel in the Context of Globalisation, Religious Pluralism and Nationalism, 2000

The second phase of the Gurukul Summer Institute is the Indian Bible Commentary Project. The aim of this project is to produce commentaries on the Bible written by Indian authors especially from the perspective of the oppressed. The project will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will be the publication of a one volume Indian commentary on the Bible within the next three years and in the second phase we intend to bring out a series of full commentaries on selected books of the Bible.