A Missionary Congregation

missiology-01A Missionary Congregation
By K. Rajaratnam
51 pages
Rs. 25; Available in paperback 




Church, since its inception has been institutionalised. As an institution, it could withstand the stress and strains of forces that are opposed to Christianity. But then the disadvantage is much greater than the aforesaid advantage. The institutional concerns overshadow sometimes even dethrone from the centre the message of Christ, the gospel. How can we reconstruct the church in terms of the altitude and function to enable local congregation to function as the basic unit of the church, so that it is propelled to move forward? This book is all about the various secular and Christian concerns in terms of the gospel.


Bhakti Pancha Pushpanjali

missiology-02Bhakti Pancha Pushpanjali
By K. Rajaratnam
54 pages; Published in 1992
Rs.15; Available in paperback 




Five devotional floral offerings are the offspring of the deliberations by vibrant people of faith who wished to have the salient features of 'Indian-ness' in worship. Care has been taken to in-cultrate the true spirit of worship as envisaged in the Bible but in diverse cultural settings. Quite an arduous task to integrate Indian elements of worship to Christ-centred to worship service and texture them around five 'cries' of Indian society.

Bible and the Believer

missiology-03Bible and the Believer
By S. Immanuel David
27 pages; Published in 1987
Rs.10; Available in paperback 




The Bible is exalted as the word of God, the guide to life and the most precious of all books. But then the earnest reader who tries to get at a systematic progression of tenets - is often lost in the woods. This book helps ever ardent seeker to find ways and means of understanding the Bible as God's word for people in all ages. Valuable suggestions and techniques contained in the book will provide for profitable reading of the word of God.

Building God's Kingdom on Earth: Writings in Honour of D. W. Jesudoss

missiology-04Building God's Kingdom on Earth: Writings in Honour of D. W. Jesudoss
By Samuel W. Meshack (ed.)
124 pages; Published in 1999
Rs.50; Available in paperback 




Building God's kingdom here on earth requires much reflection. To this effect, there are thought provoking articles entitled 'A Just Church Government for the New Millennium', 'Experiment in Ecumenism', 'Reformation as a Rediscovery of the Evangelical Faith', 'The Power of United Prayer' and such provide the motivation. A reflection on the question of Jesus 'But whom do you say that I am?' is enlightening. A wonderful hand book for all those who pray earnestly 'Thy kingdom come: Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven'.


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