We are delighted to inform you that Gurukul Publication has come out with yet another book – Migration in Perspectives: Towards Theology of Migration from the Margins. The book is an outcome of the Gurukul Summer Institute held at YMCA Camp Yelagiri Hills from 2327 April 2018 where Gurukul Faculty members and participants from other institutions and Churches gathered together and reflected on the issue of migration.

Since, migration has become an inconceivable complex phenomenon in our times today, and as there is growing concern both globally and locally over the tensions created by it among the nations, regions and communities due to surge in migrant population caused by various pathetic and lucrative push and pull factors, Gurukul Summer Institute felt the necessity of reflecting it theologically from various angles. Hence, a concerted effort is taken to read the phenomenon of migration and address the challenges of it in multi-dimensional perspectives, especially from the point of vulnerable ones. The book answers the pertinent question such as, “Is migration in itself an issue? Is it mere demographic or regional concern? Is it mere economic and political concern or is it cultural and religious concern too? Is it not the issue of humanity, human identity, dignity and human rights? And so, is it not ultimately a theological concern?” While answering such questions, the book explores and highlight both the positive dimensions as well as the challenges. The book as an academic endeavour certainly will provide conceptual tools and epistemological resource to the wider academic world about the huge challenge of theological reflection ahead, and the practical action awaited from the policymakers, civil society and the Church as a whole.

You may see the cover page and contents of the book in the attachment.

Download the Hardback Cover Download the Paperback Cover Download the Contents of the Book

The book has been released on the occasion of 2018 Reformation Day Celebration on 31 October at Gurukul. The book is priced @ Rs. 295/-

Rev Dr Songram Basumatary
Convenor, Gurukul Summer Institute