Orders for the books need to be made along with the advance payment. The overseas patrons need to pay $10 each for any of the following book, which includes all the postal charges. For the inland circulation, add postage charges along with the cost price of the book mentioned in the catalogue. A money order / cheque / DD / international postal order could be made in favour of “Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute, Chennai”. The books will be sent by airmail / registered parcel.

Dalit Theology and Dalit Issue

  • A Reader in Dalit Theology by Arvind P. Nirmal (ed.)
  • Caste and Alternative Culture by Rao, Katti Padma
  • Charvaka Darshan: Ancient Indian Dalit Philosophy by Katti Padma Rao
  • Frontiers of Dalit Theology by V. Devesahayam (ed.)
  • Heuristic Explorations by Arvind P. Nirmal
  • Towards a Common Dalit Ideology by Arvind P. Nirmal (ed.)

Feminist Theology and Women’s Issues

  • A Reader in Feminist Theology by Prasanna Kumari (ed.)
  • Abortion: The Agony & the Aftermath by Prasanna Kumari
  • Gender in Contemporary India by Prasanna Kumari
  • Women in Indian Culture by Katti Padma Rao
  • Women, Church and Society by Prasanna Kumari (ed.)

Development Issues

  • Ecology: A Theological Response by Nehring, Andreas (ed.)
  • Ecology & Development: Theological Perspective by Daniel D. Chetti (ed.)
  • Prejudice: Issues in Third World Theologies by Nehring, Andreas (ed.)


  • Communication: A Discipline in Distress by K. E. Eapen
  • Communication in Voluntary Action by Samuel W. Meshack
  • Communication of the Gospel: in the Context of Globalisation, Religious Pluralism & Nationalism by Samuel W. Meshack & Evon de Heyde (eds.)

Missiology, Ministry and Contemporary Issues

  • A Missionary Congregation by K. Rajaratnam
  • Bhakti Pancha Pushpanjali by K. Rajaratnam
  • Bible and the Believer by S. Immanuel David
  • Building God’s Kingdom on Earth: Writings in Honour of D. W. Jesudoss by Samuel W. Meshack (ed.)
  • Christian Fredrick Schwartz by Daniel Jeyaraj (ed.)
  • Christian Gurus: A Study on the Life and Work of Christian Charismatic Leaders in South India by Werner Hoerschlelman
  • Churchless Christianity by Herbert E. Hoefer
  • Contemporary Reflections of the Faith of Our Mothers & Fathers: Personal Witness (Vol.1) by M. Mani Chacko (ed.)
  • Contemporary Reflections of the Faith of Our Mothers & Fathers: Personal Witness (Vol.2) by P. Victor Premasagar(ed.)
  • Ordination of First Indian Pastor: Aaron by Daniel Jeyaraj
  • Ten Commandments and Today’s Challenges by K. Rajaratnam & V. Devasahayam (eds.)
  • Violence and Non-violence by D. W. Jesudoss