The main focus of the B.D. programme is to fulfil the requirements of the Senate of Serampore College; it also encourages specialisation in any particular area of interest of the students to make theological education more contextual and thereby preparing them for holistic ministry.

Course requirement for BD Degree totalling 64 courses including options and non-credit courses, plus a thesis (2 courses in lieu of thesis). The Senate examines 30 courses and the College examines the rest of the courses and thesis. Completion of practical work in ministry and passing the elementary examination in a Biblical language is mandatory. All students will have to take some additional courses on contemporary concerns under its Bold Theological Vision.

Senate requires two types of practical training for all the B.D. students: Concurrent practical work on weekends and a full-time practical work equivalent to two terms (Internship Program). Gurukul organises programs involving students in caring for individual persons, helping in the work of parish churches and engaging in social action programme. The practical work of each student is evaluated, graded and credited, marks of which are reported to the Senate of Serampore College.

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