Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.)

The main focus of the B.D. program is to fulfil the requirements of the Senate of Serampore College; it also encourages specialisation in any particular area of interest of the students to make theological education more contextual and thereby preparing them for holistic ministry.

Course requirement for BD Degree totalling 64 courses including optionals and non-credit courses, plus a thesis (2 courses in lieu of thesis). The Senate examines 30 courses and the College examines the rest of the courses and thesis. Completion of practical work in ministry and passing the elementary examination in a Biblical language is mandatory. All students will have to take some additional courses on contemporary concerns under its Bold Theological Vision.

Senate requires two types of practical training for all the B.D. students: Concurrent practical work on weekends and a full-time practical work equivalent to two terms (Internship Program). Gurukul organises programs involving students in caring of individual persons, helping in the work of parish churches and engaging in social action programs. The practical work of each student is evaluated, graded and credited, marks of which are reported to the Senate of Serampore College.

Master of Theology (M.Th.)

M.Th. degree provides an opportunity for persons who have completed a B.D. degree, or its equivalent. This study, requiring an advanced level of student work, intends to increase both knowledge and competency for ministry in all of its variety.

  • Christian Theology
  • History of Christianity
  • Missiology

M.Th. Students are required to complete 40 credits of courses including thesis in their branch of study. The Senate examines 12 credits of courses and thesis while the College examines the rest of the credit courses. All the M.Th. students are required to write a thesis.

Doctor of Theology (D.Th.)

Gurukul offers under the Senate of Serampore System D.Th. in the following areas.

  • History of Christianity
  • Religions
  • Missiology
  • Communication

International Centre for Special Studies

Special short-term, tailor-made Certificate and Diploma programs of six to twelve months duration are offered in the areas of Dalit Theology, Women’s Studies, Theology of Human Development and Communication Studies to national as well as international students and scholars. (For admission and other details write to the Principal)

Diploma, Certificates and Prizes

Gurukul conducts examinations at the end of each term, while the Senate has its examinations at the end of each academic year at two levels – Internal assessment and a written examination, examined by both the internal and external examiners. On the recommendation of the Staff Council, Gurukul diplomas and certificates are awarded to students on completion of all the requirements of the College by the Gurukul College Council. Degree Certificates are awarded by the Senate of Serampore College at the annual convocation, which is normally held in January/February every year. The college academic prizes for all branches of study have been instituted by Friends of Gurukul, where there are 8 prizes for M.Th. students and 20 for B.D. students.

Special Diploma Course

Diploma in Luther Studies will be offered from the second semester as an evening programme. It is open for clergy, laity, students and those who are working. Completion of six course will enable a student to get the diploma in Luther Studies. On successful completion of six courses, the student will be accepted for graduation.