Martin Luther Library

The Martin Luther Library is the centre for academic excellence. It has more than 60,000 volumes. The e-library section allows the researcher to browse ATLA, where more than 2,000 serial titles on microfilm and more than 30,000 monograph titles on microfiche or microfilm of 120 journals are available online. Apart from these journals, National and International journals, which are not available with the ATLA are procured and hard copies are stored for the use of the researcher. Students are given training on how to use and access the online resources for their class and research work. Scholars from other seminaries, secular colleges and universities and also pastors from Chennai city are the beneficiaries of the library resources.

Library Working Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

(The Library will remain closed on all Sundays, National Holidays and Special Christian Holidays)

Lutheran Heritage Archives

The Lutheran Heritage Archives has a collection of valuable documents related to the Lutheran missions (especially missions related to the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church, South Andhra Lutheran Church, Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, Arcot Lutheran Church, Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church, Northeran Evangelical Lutheran Church) and other churches in India. It has proved to be an important resource centre for research, especially for the Lutheran Churches in India. Lutheran Heritage is not only a program of documentation to provide resources to the researchers in the field of History of Christianity, but also a program of activities for the celebration of the mission through seminars, consultations and workshops in an effort to linkup the mission contribution of the fore-runners to the Churches in India with the modern challenges posed to Indian Churches.

The Archives has a collection of 20 boxes of documents from the Evangelical Mission Society of Harmannsburg for preservation. The detailed catalogue of Tamil prints and manuscripts available at Francke Foundations, Halle were also received. In April 2005, the Archives received microfilm copies of the printed Halle Reports from Germany containing important information about the first Protestant Mission.

Gurukul - German Library

The Max Muller Bhavan, Chennai, in view of its closure, gave recently its entire collection to Gurukul as a gift. This unique library is located in the third floor of the administrative building and is a valuable resource in the area of Indo-German relations.