Post Graduate Sudies

Academic Prizes

College Prize for Christian Theology

Ms. Poonam Rai       

College Prize for Religion

Rev. S. Samuvel

  Ms. Sashimongla Longchar
College Prize for Christian Ministry Ms. Anitha L

Academic Proficiency Prize

Ms. Poonam Rai

General Proficiency Prize

Rev. John Madhiyazhagan


Graduate Studies

Biblical Cluster

College Prize for Old Testament Sudies

Ms. Thehil Russelliah                      

Hebrew Prize

Jagan Sathyaseelan

Abraham Inbaraj Prize in New Testament Studies

Ebin K. Alias

Bishop Dr. Friedrich Huebner Greek Prize

Jagan Sathyaseelan

Theology Cluster
        College Prize for Theology-Ethics-Social Analysis Cluster Ms. Thehil Russelliah
        College Prize for Social Analysis Ms. Thehil Russelliah

Mrs. Gloria Rajaratnam Prize in Dalit Studies

K. Raj Kumar
Jagan Sathyaseelan

        Prof. Veera Augustus Prize in Women's Studies Ms. Thehil Russelliah

Mrs. Jayaseeli Devasahayam Prize in Luther Studies

Ms. Thehil Russelliah

Religions Cluster

College Prize in Religion

Jagan Sathyaseelan

History-Missions Cluster

College Prize in History of Christianity 

Ms. Thehil Russelliah

College Prize in Missiology

Jagan Sathyaseelan

Ministry Cluster

College Prize in Christian Ministry

Vigesh Marcus

        College Prize in Communication Studies Ms. Thehil Russelliah
Integrated Cluster

College Prize for Courses in the Integrated Cluster

Jeba Daniel

Inter-Disciplinary Cluster

College Prize for Courses in the Inter-Disciplinary Cluster

Jagan Sathyaseelan


Special Prizes

        Annual Scripture Knowledge Prize Jagan Sathyaseelan                   

The Lectionary Reading Prize

Thomas George

Practical Work Prize

Ebin K. Alias
Gift Thompson R.
Jeba Daniel

College Prize for Worship and Preaching

K. Raj Kumar

        Mrs. David Prize for Best Outgoing Woman Student Ms. Dakutmon Suchiang
        Dr. P. David Academic Proficiency Prize Jagan Sathyaseelan
        Joshua Peter General Proficiency Prize Gift Thompson R.
        College Prize for BD Upgraders Latha Mageswari
Vasant Kamble



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Gurukul is an ecumenical theological community for communicating the liberative Gospel of Jesus Christ by training and empowering the community of God's people towards Peace, Justice and Integrity of God's Creation

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